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My Mission

My Mission

by Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche 


I continuously take Refuge in the Three Jewels and Three Roots and diligently strive to achieve the supreme enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. With all my heart I bow in great devotion to my precious Root Guru, and I pray that all beings throughout time and space are happy, and totally free from sickness, suffering, and every kind of unnecessary pain and obstruction in their lives.

My Mission has always been very simple and clear to me. By sharing my mission with you, my dear friends, family, disciples and spiritual friends, you will know what you can expect from me and can get a better idea of just what we are working so hard to achieve.

For my physical living conditions, I am perfectly content to just remain a ‘Happy Backpacker.” I am not attached to staying in any particular place, and I do not need too many things. I am happy to be free to travel this journey of a thousand miles, for a reunion that has been repeating for a thousand years, and for the mission that is beyond time and space, inner and outer, and beyond the appearances and responsibilities of this life. And always I pray, may we all have a bounty of blessings and peace on Earth, as well.

Of course we know the days of our precious human life are limited and half of our life may already be gone. I am honestly quite amazed with how much has been accomplished so far. We have found our spiritual path with Vajrayana and Buddha Dharma and we have found our Root Guru... How awesome that is!

My life feels very complete and I am contented and very satisfied with how everything is going, but I still have a long way to go in order to complete my mission.

It is my wish that in sharing my mission with you, you will find the inspiration and aspiration to discover and follow your own heart’s mission.

When we know who we are and where we are going, then we can do a lot of things. If we are just wandering around without a sense of direction, it may be too late when we realized that we have already wasted many wonderful opportunities to increase our wisdom, merit and good karma.

It may seemed like I am going nowhere, just sitting here in this retreat cave, but my heart and mind travel swiftly to wherever I am needed. I thank my Root Guru for this.

My fundamental mission is simply always being benefit to all sentient beings. I want to help all beings to be happy, healthy and free from fear and suffering.

This mission is an inner motivation and inspiration within my heart, it is the outer activity in my daily life in the world, and it is beyond inner and outer in ways that are most vast and mysterious. This Mission is inseparable from the natural compassion and wisdom generated from faithfully relying on the Three Jewels and Three Roots. That is how I can be sure I am always truly on the Vajrayana Path.

First Jewel – Buddha

First Root – Guru

The Inner Mission

Buddha manifests perfectly in the Enlightened Nirmanakaya Body of our Root Guru. Buddha nature is the inner, hidden, ultimate nature of my heart and mind, where I follow the instructions from my Root Guru as the Divine Elixir that always keeps me spiritually strong, energized and healthy.

There were three particular Pith Instructions, Pointing-out Instructions, that my precious Guru, His Holiness Drubgen Yizhin Norbu, taught me which have given me limitless inspiration and determination, and have made it literally impossible for me to give up.

This advice from his heart captures the entire essence of Mahamudra and Maha-Ati, The Bodhisattva Path and the instructions on how to achieve Enlightenment.

The Three Pith Instructions, Heart Advice from His Holiness Drubgen Yizhin Norbu:

1. ”Make your heart and mind vast, spacious and expansive”…this makes me more contented, more satisfied and being more able to face anything that may arise.” (Mahamudra and Maha-Ati)

2. “Somebody has to work”…this awakens in me a desire to generate more effort to help sentient beings and inspires me to always do my best to accomplish whatever I set my mind to. (The Bodhisattva Path)

3. “Find the true meaning of the dharma in your own life, don't just mindlessly try to imitate what I do; and put out effort, effort and more effort.” (The path to Enlightenment)

His Holiness, Drubgen Yizhin Norbu, inseparable from all the Buddhas, has always provided the perfect wisdom to lead beings swiftly toward enlightenment.

In my early years as a young monk, our Guru allowed me to receive the proper Buddhist training and pure spiritual education, so I must be sure to provide the same for him. Finding His Holiness’ reincarnation and making sure that he receives his education and training is the biggest single responsibility for me this lifetime.

Second Jewel – Dharma

Second Root – Yidam

Outer Mission

In my heart and in my mind I am always with my Guru, but in the outer world of appearances I am always working hard to support the Dharma. I am always working especially hard to establish many Rimay Vajrayana Monasteries and Centers both within Tibet and in the West as well.

‘Rimay’ literally means ‘non-sectarianism’, the simplest way to truly practice the meaning of Rimay is to simply have a big heart and a big mind. To be sectarian means to be narrow minded, judgmental, ignorant and full of pride. This we do not want!

To be Rimay means we care for others, we have compassion for others, we try to understand others, we respect others, we accept others and we support others with great openness and energy.

The non-sectarian, Rimay Buddha Dharma rises in the minds of beings like a bright compassionate sun over the Himalayan Mountains, granting peace and refuge to all in great equanimity.

The heart of Dharma is Retreat. For a monk, nun, yogi or lay practitioner spending time in retreat, gives them the best causes and conditions for achieving enlightenment. The great Yogi-Saint Milarepa said very clearly that the Yogi meditating in retreat and the person who provides his sustenance have an equal chance and opportunity to reach enlightenment. In order to achieve this extraordinary mission we need to work together.

Right now we have Tsar Tsar Monastery in Tibet which supports thousands of Tibetans and millions of beings around the world.

We are currently working to establish Rimay Samye Ling in Taiwan and in the near future we will also build a Rimay Monastery in British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to these larger monasteries, we have many Rimay Vajrayana Dharma Centers opening and thriving in Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America and other places.

Also, I am committed to find sponsors for the 108 retreat Cabins we are building in Tibet. These small cabins can be used by Westerners and Tibetans alike.

When we connect to the essence of our Yidam or Personal Deity, we connect to the activity of Buddha’s limitless compassion and wisdom, as it reaches out to manifest our passion in specific and tangible ways. This means we need to work hard to support the Dharma, because that is how we will recognize our Buddha Nature!

Third Jewel – Sangha

Third Root – Dharma Protector

The Mission Beyond Inner and Outer

Our Rimay Dharma Centers and our sangha are playing an essential role in supporting, maintaining and spreading the virtue and positive energy of the Rimay Buddha Dharma throughout the world.

After many years of sincere effort, humble but strong spiritual foundations for the Buddhadharma have taken hold for the benefit of all humanity. For this I am extremely grateful and happy.

Since the fundamental core of my mission is making people happy, I always instruct the Sangha to bind together and support each other. We all want to be happy and we all want to avoid suffering. In this way we are all the same. This is the teaching of the Buddha!

Please enjoy practicing Dharma with one another. Have fun, work together and take care of each other. If you really respect your Guru, then remember it is my wish that you treat each other with as much care and kindness as you show to me.

Think good thoughts, say good words and do good things. In this way you are really connected with your Guru’s intentions and you will be part of Buddha’s Noble Sangha. Best of all, you will always be protected by the virtue of your good karma. The active compassion and loving kindness generated by each of you will definitely protect the Dharma for future generations.

Please remember to make each other feel welcome and happy. Be sincere, be humble, be you!

His Holiness taught us:

“Be kind whenever possible, and remember, it is always possible to be kind!”

Practice according to what he said. In this way, the blessings of the Guru will reach out beyond the limitations of time and space, increasing auspicious good fortune and the spontaneous achievement of peace on Earth.

It is my sincere wish that by sharing my mission, you will increase your faith in the Three Jewels and Three Roots and receive the inspiration to go after your dream without hesitation or doubt.

“The Faith of Total Trust allows all Blessings to enter you. When the mind is free of doubt, whatever you wish for can be achieved Miraculously and Spontaneously!”

Beyond the Mission – Dedication

As Buddhist practitioners, the main purpose of our life is just to learn, to serve and to make the proper preparation for the next life or reincarnation.

Serving, or at least contributing some happiness to others, including animals and creatures, will automatically give us tremendous inner satisfaction and inner peace.

Buddha said very clearly that he has shown us the path to liberation, but our liberation is always in our own hands.

I don’t know if I have properly prepared for my next life or not, but I will definitely find out at the end of this life.

This is why as a simple Buddhist Monk I have a strong desire and wish to do more rigorous meditation in a solitary place on the mountain. I wish to live as a simple unknown yogi, a hidden yogi, and recognize the true Nature of Mind. I think many of you may have that wish as well.

Of course, I cannot afford to do that right now, but that is part of my Mission, for sure.

Right now I am busy doing so many things, but that deep aspiration and wish to spend more time in serious retreat is always in my heart.

To truly mix our mind with Dharma, and discover our Buddha Nature, is the real meaning of being Buddhist.

The wish to accomplish the supreme enlightenment in order to help others reach this same Great State is the real meaning of Vajrayana.

To care for others more than ourselves is the real meaning of Bodhicitta and Compassion.

To follow the heart advice of our Guru is the real Guru Yoga.

To cherish all sentient beings and accept them in perfect openness and equanimity is the real meaning of Rimay.

To let go of unnecessary things and just go with the flow is the real meaning of Freedom.

To renounce the renunciation is the real meaning of Renunciation.

To know just one Mantra or one word of Buddha’s speech is the real meaning of Wealth.

To know how to be happy is the real meaning of Success.

I hope by sharing my mission with you it will awaken your own spiritual aspiration and help you swiftly achieve your plans, goals and dreams for this life and the next one as well.

May you be blessed with good health, long life, happiness, spiritual and material prosperity and enlightenment!

Best wishes and many prayers to all of you!


Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche

“The Faith of Total Trust allows all Blessings to enter YOU.

When the mind is free of doubt, whatever you wish for can be achieved Miraculously and Spontaneously!”


“全然信賴地信任, 容許加持完全融入於你.

當心底全無疑惑, 任何你所願望的都可以奇蹟般任運成就!”