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Our email link on the Home Page is attended by His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche as much as he can. At times when His Holiness is unable to access the Internet your messages may be delayed. If you have others matters such as those related to the operation of our centres, you may send your email to rimaygpl@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we shall give you a reply as soon as we can.


Rimay Tsar Tsar Monastery


Ways to contribute and accumulate merits:


Dharma Activities and Charitable Projects:

  • Sponsoring Prayer Festivals (Monlam)

Special whole days of prayers may be arranged to bring healing, good luck, and auspicious good fortune to any situation. Any number of Monks; 21,108 or even 1000 can be requested to perform the practice. You may also request a specific Yidam Deity Practice to suit your needs and connection.

For example, you may wish to arrange a 3-Day Green Tara Prayer Festival to bring success to your business, or 7 Days of Medicine Buddha Prayers to bring healing. Mahakala Prayer Festivals are great for protection and removing obstacles and Kalachakra Prayer Festivals are extremely powerful for purifying and accomplishing anything, bringing about positive energy.

Many people love to sponsor Prayer Festivals for celebrating the birth of a baby, the graduation of a child, or to honour the memory and send spiritual support for their ancestors or loved ones who have passed away. Prayer Festivals are tremendously beneficial for removing obstacles and they help ensure good health, prosperity, merit, wisdom, longevity, harmonious relationships, success and a happy life.


To sponsor a One-Day Prayer Festival of one thousand Lamas the cost will be: CAD $1200




  • 贊助法會(祈請大法會 Monlam) 


特別安排的全日祈請大法會可為任何的情況帶來治療, 幸運及吉祥如意. 你可以邀請任何數目;如21,108或甚至1000個的僧侶來進行祈請.你亦可以要求以任何一個適合你的需要或跟你有聯繫的特定本尊祈請來進行法會.

例如, 你若想為你的事業得到成功而安排3天的綠度母祈請大法會, 或7天的藥師佛


六臂大黑天(瑪哈嘎拉)祈請大法會最能給予保護及消除障礙,而時輪金剛祈請大會在淨化方面有極大能力, 帶來正面能量及成就一切.

很多人喜歡以贊助祈請法會來慶祝嬰兒的出生,學童的畢業,榮耀及懷念他們的祖先或為往生了的至愛傳遞精神上的支持.祈請大法會在消除障礙方面有莫大的利益,並能幫助保障健康, 繁榮, 功德, 智慧, 長壽, 和諧的人際關係, 成功及快樂人生.


贊助一千個喇嘛一天的祈請大法會費用為: 加幣1,200元正

  • Animal Release and food for the animals in Tibet

Tsar Tsar Monastery will be happy to care for any animal for the duration of its natural life. Released animals will wear a special blessing cord for indication so no one is ever allowed to kill or harm them for their fur or for any other reason.

In Tsar Tsar Monastery, animals will be allowed to mate and produce offspring naturally. Dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, birds, sheep, yaks, goats and horses can all be sponsored and protected. The sheep, yaks and goats can produce organic milk, cheese and yoghurt which can be used to feed the Monks, nomads and Villagers.

With your generous donation, the Monastery can also offer better food to the animals and care for them in great compassion.

Many animal lovers in the West love to sponsor animal release projects and dedicate the merit and good karma to their own pets.

Also, as part of the practice of compassion, it is recommended that we try to reduce the amount of animals we eat, or try to become Vegetarian for a few days a week or more. This is good for your health and good for your next life as well.

To release one animal, the reduced cost is approximately as follows:

  • One Horse: $750 CAD
  • One Yak: $450 CAD
  • One Sheep: $120 CAD
  • One Goat: $95 CAD
  • One baby animal (Sheep or Goat) $35 CAD
  • 在西藏放生動物及贊助飼料的供應 

渣渣寺廟十分高興能在任何動物的自然壽命期間來照顧它們. 放生了的動物會繫上


在渣渣寺廟裏, 動物可自然交配繁殖後代.

狗, 貓, 兔, 魚, 鳥, 綿羊, 犛牛,山羊及馬都可以受到保護及作為放生的對象.

綿羊, 犛牛及山羊可生產有機的奶,乳酪及酸奶酪,用作僧侶,遊牧民及村民的糧食.

以你的慷慨捐助, 寺廟可為動物提供比較優質的飼料及給牠們更多慈悲的照顧.

不少在西方的動物愛護者喜歡贊助動物放生的項目, 並把功德善果迴向給他們的寵


同時, 作為修行慈悲的部份, 我們建議嘗試減少動物的烹宰, 盡可能一星期內一天

或多天食素. 這對你的健康及來生都有好處.


放生一頭動物, 費用略減如下:

  • 一匹馬: 加幣$750
  • 一頭牛: 加幣$450
  • 一頭綿羊: 加幣$120
  • 一頭山羊: 加幣$95
  • 一頭小動物(綿羊或山羊): 加幣$35


  • Food and Clothing for the Monks

Food is scarce and sometimes there is not quite enough for the monks to feel full, but they do their best to work hard despite their empty stomachs. With enough healthy food, they can have more energy in their prayers and devotional activities to benefit all sentient beings. Also, Tibet is very cold in the wintertime. Often temperature can drop to minus 54 degrees! More warm clothes are always needed and greatly appreciated!

To feed one Monk or Nun for a month, the cost will be: $30 CAD

To Purchase one set of Monk's robes with bag the cost will be: $60 CAD


  • 僧人食物及衣物的供養 


因食物的缺乏及很多時候份量都不夠充饑,雖然空著肚子,但僧人仍以最大的努力去工作. 若有充夠的健康食物, 他們就更有精力去作祈禱及獻身於利益眾生的事業. 同時,西藏的冬天是極為嚴寒,通常溫度可降至零下五十四度!禦寒衣物總是有很大的需求及極受感激!

供養一個僧人或尼姑一個月的食物, 費用是: 加幣30元正

購買一套的僧服及背包, 費用是: 加幣60元正


  • Painting Gold on Buddha Statues

Gold from necklaces, rings, watches use can be melted down to paint the faces of the Buddha Statues and other fine details throughout the Monastery. The gold adds to the beauty and preciousness of the statue and also inspires more appreciation and devotion for Buddha Dharma. If you have any gold or other precious metals or stones from jewellery that you no longer need, the Lamas will use it to decorate the Buddha Statues and Shrine. By beautifying the Dharma, your life will become more beautiful. By helping others to feel more devotion, you will generate more devotion and compassion as well.


  • 佛像上塗金 


項鏈, 耳環, 手表等都可溶為液體來為寺廟裏眾佛像的面上塗金及畫上細節. 這些塗金既能莊嚴佛像,更可啟發更多對佛法的意識及虔敬.如果你有任何不再需要的金飾,珍飾或寶石, 喇嘛們會用來裝飾佛像或聖壇.

莊嚴佛法, 你的生命會加美麗. 幫助他人生起虔敬, 你會產生更多虔信及慈悲.


  • Sponsoring 3 Year, 3 Month, 3 Day Retreat

Sponsoring the 3 year Retreat is one of the most important gifts we can give. At Tsar Tsar Monastery, there are many monks who dream of one day having the opportunity to do this special retreat, but they lack the financial support. For just over a dollar a day, you can make their dreams come true! While on the retreat, the monks do serious prayer and rigorous spiritual training from 3am until 11pm every single day. They complete their Ngondro (Preliminary Practices) and then the 6 Yogas of Naropa.

His Holiness the 8th Drubgen Yizhin Norbu said that if you can sponsor a monk to do the 3 year Retreat, the blessing and benefit is exactly as if you completed the retreat as well. The spiritual accomplishment and special protection goes to you because the monk you sponsored will always send you prayers and blessings. This can be a huge spiritual support for you, providing good health, merit and wisdom for your whole life.


To sponsor one Monk for the 3 Year, 3 Month, 3 Day Retreat the cost will be:

  • CAD $35 per month
  • CAD $420 per year
  • CAD $1370 for the entire 3 Year, 3 Month, 3 Day Retreat


  • 贊助三年, 三月, 三日的閉關 

贊助三年的閉關是我們能給予的最重要的禮物. 在渣渣寺廟, 有很多的僧人都夢想

終有一天能有機會去做這個特別的閉關,但都缺欠資金的支持.一天只要一元多一點, 你就可以令他們夢想成真! 在閉關中,僧人每天從早上三點至晚上十一點都在進行非常認真的祈禱及強而有力的精神訓練, 先完成他們的加行修行(前行), 然後再完成那洛六法.
第八世智根法王說, 如果你可以贊助一個僧人去做三年的閉關, 得到的加持及利益


精神上的成就及特殊的保護會跟你一起, 因你贊助的僧人會一直給你送上祈禱及祝

福. 這會是你巨大的精神支持, 為你的終生提供健康, 福德及智慧.


贊助一個僧人三年, 三月及三日閉關的費用是:

  • 一個月加幣35元正
  • 一年加幣420元正
  • 整個三年三月三日的閉關是加幣1370元正


  • Building Retreat Cabins

We are building108 small Retreat Cabins in the mountains as well as a large Shrine Room for everyone to meet for group Prayers and Dharma teachings. You may sponsor one or more of these cabins that you may use whenever you come to Tibet. In the meantime, the monks can use them and bring all the spiritual energy of Buddha's blessings there.


The cost to sponsor one Retreat Cabin is: $3000 CAD


  • 興建閉關小屋



你可贊助一個或以上這些的小屋, 任何時間當你來西藏時就可以使用. 於現時, 僧人們可使用並把所有佛陀加持的精神能量引進小屋.


贊助興建一間閉關小屋的費用是: 加幣3,000元正


  • Nunnery (All types of financial and material support for Nuns)

We have established the Nunnery, and of course the nuns, young and old need support for food, clothes, books, and the Dharma activities. Usually the main monastery will do their best to support them, but if you wish your donation to go specifically to the nuns and other female practitioners, this can be arranged.


  • 尼庵(所有種種的物料及資金支持)


我們已成立了尼庵, 當然這些比丘尼, 不論老幼都需要食物,衣服,書本及佛法活動

的支持. 通常主寺廟會盡力給她們支持, 但若你想你的捐助是特定去支持這些比丘

尼及其它女性的修行者, 這些都是可以為你安排的.


  • Mahakala Shrine Restoration Project

The Mahakala Shrine is a very special part of Tsar Tsar's History. For the past 600 years right up until today, we have been doing continuous Mahakala Prayers for all sentient beings. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 600 years...so you can imagine how powerful this is! Unfortunately, the Mahakala Shrine recently collapsed. The roof was too old and rotting, and on top of that, there is a serious rodent infestation.

The Prayers have not been interrupted, and the Shrine is in desperate need of restoration. We are also trying to increase the number of Lamas to do the Mahakala Practice as well as bring in more Mahakala Statues and Thangkas as well. I believe when we are finished, this will quite possibly be the most authentic, powerful and beneficial Mahakala practice place on the planet.


  • 瑪哈嘎啦殿堂的重修工程 



我們連續不斷地為眾生進行瑪哈嘎啦的祈請, 六百年來, 每星期七日, 每日二十四

小時.. 你可以想像這力量是多麼的強大!不幸的,瑪哈嘎啦殿堂最近倒塌了.因屋頂

太舊及腐爛了, 再加上嚴重的老鼠為患.

祈禱受到中斷, 而殿堂極度需要重修. 我們同時會嘗試去增加瑪哈嘎啦修行的喇嘛

人數, 及引進更多的瑪哈嘎啦佛像及唐卡. 我相信當這工程完成後, 極有可能是這

星球上最正宗, 最力量強大及最有利益的瑪哈嘎啦修行的地方.


  • Light Offering (Butter Lamps)

Butter light offerings are symbols of enlightenment. When we place a light on the Shrine, we offer our sincere devotion and heart-felt prayers for all sentient beings. Light offerings bring peace, wisdom, compassion and light up the path to liberation. A light with your name on it can be placed at Tsar Tsar Monastery and the Lamas can keep it burning for you for as long as you wish. The financial support generated from this is tremendously helpful and beneficial towards the daily functioning of the Monastery; and the blessings and loving kindness of the light shines in the grateful hearts of many! It is also a lovely offering when you dedicate it for the memory of a departed loved one and Light Offerings at the Monastery is a perfect offering to dedicate to your ancestors as well.


The cost of sponsoring Light Offerings at the Shrine of Tsar Tsar Monastery in Tibet:

  • One Butter Lamp lasting 2 hours: $1 CAD
  • One Butter Lamp lasting 24 hours: $12 CAD
  • 49 Days of Continuous Butter Lamp Offerings: $588 CAD
  • 108 Days $1000 CAD
  • 供燈(酥油燈) 

酥油燈的供奉是證悟的象徵.當我們把一盞燈放在佛壇上時,我們奉上誠懇的虔敬及給予眾生的深切祈禱. 供燈能帶來平靜, 智慧, 慈悲及燃亮解脫之路. 一盞有你名字的燈可放在渣渣寺, 而喇嘛們可保持它一直燃亮到你想要的時間. 因此而產生的經濟支持對寺廟極之有幫助及利益其日常運作,而這燈的加持及仁愛照亮眾多感恩的心!亦是對懷念離世的摯親一份可愛的奉獻,在寺廟供燈是能送給祖先們最完美的奉獻.


  • 維持兩小時的酥油燈一盞: 加幣1元正
  • 維持二十四小時的酥油燈一盞: 加幣12元正
  • 四十九天持續的酥油燈: 加幣588元正
  • 一百零八天的供燈: 加幣1,000元正


  • Monastery Shrine Beautification

Contributions of anything that makes the Monastery more beautiful, this includes restoring old walls and building structure, adding more Statues and Thangkas, offering flowers, incense, painting the walls, cleaning supplies, replacing broken windows, building cabinets to protect the Buddhas and much more! When we enhance the beauty of Buddha's Home, we show our passion, love and respect for Buddhadharma. This will increase our wisdom and merit, make our heart and mind filled with compassion, bodhicitta and devotion...and that is beautiful!


  • 美化寺廟殿堂 


任何捐獻令寺廟更美觀, 包括修復舊牆及建築結構, 增加佛像及唐卡, 供花, 供香,重新油漆牆壁,供應清潔物料,更換破窗,建築櫥櫃以保護佛像及更多的這些供養!當我們把佛的居所的美觀提升, 這顯示我們對佛法的熱情, 愛及敬重. 這會增加我們的智慧功德及令我們的心靈充滿慈悲, 菩提心及虔敬…這就是美麗!


  • Medical Care, Medicine and Aid for the Ill or Disabled

If anyone in Ashuk Village or the Monastery becomes ill or suffered a bad accident, we may need to take them to the hospital to get them treated. This of course costs money. Transportation to the city, a place to stay, the fee to see the doctor and the cost of the medicines all take a huge toll financially. By contributing to the Medical fund, you can do a lot to help someone out. You may even be saving their life!


  • 對疾病及傷殘的醫療及藥物援助 




  • Orphanage

Sometimes when a mother gives birth, the mother dies, but the baby is still alive. This is why we need support for Tibetan orphans. The Monastery looks after them, but if you wish your contribution to go directly to the Orphanage, this is very wonderful and very much appreciated. It is considered very good karma to donate to an Orphanage if a couple is trying to conceive a healthy baby. Also, donate to children's charities, like the orphanage will help your children, and all children, to have better health, happiness, and success in all aspects of life.


  • 孤兒 


有的時候當一個母親生產時,母親不幸去世但嬰兒活下來.這就是西藏的孤兒需要支持的原因. 寺廟會照顧他們,但若果你想你的捐助直接去到孤兒院,這是十分美好及

深受感激.如果一對夫妻希望懷孕及生下健康的嬰孩,捐助孤兒院是被認為是非常好的因緣. 同時, 捐款幫助兒童的慈善機構,如孤兒院等會幫助你的孩子,及所有的孩

子有更好的健康, 快樂及生命中所有方面都成功.


  • Education

The Dharma University and Dharma College have been established and are operating very well. If you wish to contribute financial support towards the books, pens, paper and other educational materials this would be extremely useful. If you are a student or your children are in school, supporting this type of virtuous activity in Tibet might be a perfect way to ensure your studies go well and will give you plenty of inspiration, wisdom and support to learn well and master any subject!


  • 教育 


佛法學院及大學經已成立及運作得非常好.如果你希望在書本,文具,紙及其它教育材料方面作經濟上的支持, 這是極之有幫助. 如果你是學生或你的孩子仍在求學, 這類在西藏的美德活動會是最完美的方法去保障你的學業成功,及會給你大量的啟發, 智慧及支持去好好學習, 任何的科目都能得到掌握!



Please try to choose at least one or two of these Dharma activities to accomplish within this life. The spiritual accomplishments of merit and wisdom will accompany us to our next destination.

Any amount, $50 to $5000 or more is always very beneficial and very much appreciated.

Please donate according to what feels most appropriate to your heart, karma, condition and ability.


Let me thank you again for all your support; past, present and future.

May you always have good health, happiness, prosperity and good fortune!

The Monastery's prayers and blessings are with you day and night!


請嘗試去選擇一項或兩項這些佛法活動來於這一生中成就. 智慧及功德的精神成就


任何數目, 五十元到五千元或更多, 總是非常有利益及深受感激.

請追隨你的心意, 因緣, 條件及能力以作捐助.


讓我再次多謝你們所有的支持, 過去, 現在及將來的.

願你們永遠健康, 快樂, 繁榮及好運!




Our Vajrayana Buddhist centres are 'Rimay' centres. Rimay literally means ‘Non-sectarianism.’ The simplest way to truly practice the meaning of non-secatrianism, is just to have a big heart and a big mind. To be sectarian means to be narrow minded, judgemental, ignorant and full of pride.

To be Rimay means we care for others, we have compassion for others, we understand others, we respect others, we accept others and we support others in great openness and passion!


我們的金剛乘佛舍都是 利美 的佛法中心. 利美正確的意思是 不分教派”.


批評, 無知及充滿傲慢.

作為利美,代表我們關懷別人, 對別人慈悲, 諒解, 尊重,接受別人及以極大的開放及熱情去支持別人!


Rimay Vajrayana Dharma Centres around the World






Rimay Gyalten Pota Ling 

Richmond BC



Rimay Tashi Zhi-De Ling

Abbotsford BC



Rimay Guru Ling

West Vancouver BC



Rimay Norbu Ling

Vancouver BC



Rimay Sogdzin Ling

Vancouver, BC



USA 美國


Rimay Tsar Tsar Sam-Drup Cho-Dzong Ling

Bend, OR



Rimay Gesar Gyalten Ling

Slippery Rock PA



Hong Kong 香港


Rimay Choje Ling

Hong Kong, SAR



Taiwan 臺灣


Rimay Gyalten Vajrayana Association

Medicine Buddha Center

Taipei City, Taiwan



Rimay Vajra Tsunde Center

Jinshan Township, Taipei County, Taiwan




Here is a prayer for you:

May all sentient beings generate tremendous Bodhicitta, and may the true equality of all beings bring about lasting peace!

May the animals move on after this life and continue to develop with the support of our heart-felt love and mercy.

May all beings always increase their kindness, compassion, awareness and ultimate Bodhicitta.

May each and every sentient being enjoy the auspicious and favourable conditions for connecting with the precious Buddha Dharma.

May all sentient beings be blessed with limitless peace and boundless joy, and may all the miraculous accomplishments be achieved spontaneously!


願所有眾生產生大量的菩提心, 及願所有眾生的真正平等帶來持久的和平!


願所有眾生常常增加他們的仁愛, 慈悲, 明覺及絕對的菩提心.


願所有眾生都受到無限和平及無邊歡欣的加持, 及願所有奇蹟般的成就任運達成!







“The Faith of Total Trust allows all Blessings to enter YOU.

When the mind is free of doubt, whatever you wish for can be achieved Miraculously and Spontaneously!”


“全然信賴地依靠, 容許加持完全融入於你.

當心底全無疑惑, 任何你所願望的都可以奇蹟般任運成就!”




Here is an update on the status of some of our projects in Tibet


All funds collected from Dharma object sales will be 100% used for supporting projects in our home Monastery---Tsar Tsar Monastery in Tibet.


The 600 years old Tsar Tsar Monastery has already been renovated, wall paintings were restored and a 3 storey high Buddha Maitreya statue was installed in the main shrine; several 3 years 3 months retreat centres were built. Also, the attached Dharma University and Dharma College are in full function now and a nunnery is also established. All these finished projects require maintenance and need our ongoing support.


Projects that are still in progress and need our generous support to finish are:


The 108 retreat cabins—these cabins can be used both by monks or nuns who wish to go for short retreats, and also by anyone of us when we have a chance to do our own retreat in the future.


The Mahakala Shrine restoration project--- part of the roof of this 600 years old Mahakala shrine has collapsed and made serious damage to the building. Now the whole roof needs to be replaced for safety and the whole building need restructuring, main shrine need to be repaired and thangka painting on the walls need to be repaint, damaged ritual instruments need to be replaced and Mahakala Statues need to be erect again. In order to keeps the 600 years old tradition of the 24 hours non-stop Mahakala practice going, this need to be done as soon as possible.


Without your generous support, these projects can not be achieved. For the benefit of yourself, your family, your loved ones and all sentient beings of the future generations, your participation is much needed and appreciated.





    所有佛品義賣籌得的款項, 百分之百會用作支持我們的主廟----



    六百年歷史的渣渣寺廟經已修葺完工, 壁畫已修復, 一個三層樓高的彌勒佛像亦已安放在主殿中; 數個三年三月的閉關中心

    經已建成. 同時, 附屬的佛法大學及學院已全面運作, 而尼庵亦已成立.





    一百零八個閉關小屋--這些小屋子可容許僧尼們作短暫閉關之用, 同時, 如果我們在將來有機會自己作閉關的時候也可以使用.



    頂經已倒塌,並給整個建築物造成嚴重的損毀. 現在屋頂需要修補以策安全,而整座大殿亦需要重建,主殿要修理及壁畫要修復, 損壞了的法器要更換, 瑪哈嘎啦佛像要重新豎立起來. 若要繼續維持瑪哈嘎啦修行二十四小時不停進行這個有六百年歷史的傳統,這工程必定要儘快進行.


    沒有你的慷慨支持, 這些工程很難完成. 為了利益你自己, 你的家人, 至愛及世世代代眾生的利益, 你的參予是極之需要及感激.