6. Dear Vajra Dharma Friends,


A Dharma Teaching by His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Sogdzin Rinpoche


Section 6


Dear Vajra Dharma Friends,

If you really want to make good Karma in this life,

You should practice Buddha-Dharma and Meditation.

I say this to myself all the time.

Hide your body, stay in a solitary place.

Hide your speech, disengage from conversation.

Hide your mind, only watch your own faults.

Then you can be called a hidden Yogi.

Maybe this is only idle chatter.

But if you feel this is the undiluted Noble Truth,

Then there is a flow of accumulating virtue for you, for me, and for all sentient beings.

Do not forget the Root-Guru, pray to him at all times.

Do not forget and be carried away by thoughts, watch the nature of mind.

Do not forget death, persist in practicing Dharma.

Do not forget sentient beings. With compassion and wisdom, dedicate your good deeds and accumulation of merit to all beings.

May we all always have good luck, great joy, and prosperity both now and in the future.

I dedicate this to the successful completion of the Dharma-Path.

I hope you all can practice this meditation frequently as it is very beneficial.

These thoughts came to me, Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche, while staying at the lovely Garuda’s nest, Rimay Maha Sukhavati Meditation Centre.

The Guru’s or Teacher’s responsibilities

  1. Teach Buddha-Dharma, or Spirituality, and how to deal with reality, and of course, to keep or maintain their responsibilities or Vows.
  2. To correct students or disciples when they do something wrong and to show them the correct path to Liberation.
  3. If the student or disciple has learned well and practices well but also generates or gives rise to pride, then the Guru or Teacher must correct them and teach them  humility or humbleness.
  4. Guru or Teacher and student or disciple; both have the responsibility to accept both the good times and the bad times. They must also persevere, maintain their relationship, and in doing so, their realization and expression of their innate Buddha-Nature will continue to expand, and they will manifest more and more their loving kindness towards themselves and all beings. The student or disciple must not get too close and get burned, but not get too far away, and lose the warmth of the Guru’s presence. He or she must, as in all things, practice the Middle Way.


Disciple’s or Student’s responsibilities:

  1. You must be brave and confident of reaching enlightenment, but not be proud or arrogant.
  2. You must have limitless patience in good and bad situations.
  3. You make your hearts and minds bigger and bigger, and always happy with how you are and what you are.
  4. Listen to whatever your Guru says but please don’t do what your Guru does. Otherwise you might get injured and that is not too good.
  5. Yes, always remember every day you are responsible for how you feel, and no one can make you unhappy or nervous or anxious.
  6. Remember, reaching enlightenment is just a matter of continuous practice. I can do it!!!
  7. Remember one of the highest blessings is a good friend with whom we can respond openly, happily and freely.


Finally, both Guru’s and Disciple’s responsibility is, to be special and spacious in this lifetime and in all our future lives. So, as you can see, this Precious Human Existence is a rare opportunity to practice Dharma, help yourself, help other sentient beings, and do the proper preparation for your next life and reach Liberation or Enlightenment.


“Practice is very important because life is not permanent.  

That’s why it’s really important to plant this good seed to grow a good plant in the next life.  
Obstacles may always come and go like the clouds, but we have to continue practice.  
Outside, physically, we can help the centre and monastery; this is the Accumulation of Merit and Good Deeds.  
Inside, we can pray and meditate, that’s the Accumulation of Wisdom and Highest Intelligence. 
These Two Accumulations are like the two wings that will enable you to fly.”


Five views to keep in mind:

Five views for the inside, outside, body, speech, and mind.

Inside Heart inseparable with our Refuge; Three Jewels and Three Roots (Guru)

Outside Phenomena in seeing all sentient beings as our own mother (Compassion)

Body as deity

Speech as mantra

Mind as Emptiness, Mahāmudrā, Dharmadhatu, infinite space or indestructible Vajra

The Four Endings

  1. Everything that is born will die.
  2. Everything that comes together will separate.
  3. Everything that is gained will be lost.
  4. Everything that goes up will come down.