11. How to be a Bodhisattva


A Dharma Teaching by His Holiness Rimay Gyalten Sogdzin Rinpoche


Section 11


How to be a Bodhisattva


To truly practice Bodhisattva Path, we need to be a Bodhisattva

To think, act, behave, talk, and look just like him or her


A Bodhisattva thinks only with virtues, mindfulness, focus, and with the right view

Without being overly concerned about worldly attachments


A Bodhisattva acts on Compassion, to all sentient beings

And avoid non-virtues


A Bodhisattva behaves with proper conduct and discipline

Never losing restrain or self-discipline


A Bodhisattva talks with gentleness

Without harsh words or non-virtues speech


A Bodhisattva looks pleasant, gentle, joyful, and compassionate

Without anger, pride and greed


Think of how a Bodhisattva would think, act, behave, talk, and look

And practice that all the time until it becomes a true nature in our selves, and others.


To monitor or observe our practice, continue to ask ourselves as often as possible:

“Would a true Bodhisattva think, act, behave, talk, or look the way we did?”

This kind of discipline is necessary.

And I promise you will perceive virtue and everything will be meaningful.