21. A Collection of Teachings


A Collection of Teachings By HHRGSR

A journey of a thousand miles; a reunion that has been repeating for a thousand years; for the mission beyond time and space. May we all have lots of blessings and peace on Earth!



I keep prostrating all the way on my journey of thousands of miles. I don't have any purpose except the one purpose of meeting you, my precious Root Guru, and to achieve the highest level of Realization or Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Blessings and Peace on Earth!



One clear vision:

The universal altruistic motivation of benefitting all sentient beings.

One single goal:

The Ultimate freedom of Enlightenment.

One simple gesture:

The hands in praying position.



Every step I walk, I walk for all sentient beings!

Every second I think, I think for all sentient beings!

Every word I write, I write for all sentient beings!

Every day I work, I work for all sentient beings!

Every time I pray, I pray for all sentient beings!

Every time I practice, I practice for all sentient beings!

Every time I give teachings, I teach for all sentient beings!

When you can act as above accordingly, it makes no difference either others give you positive or negative judgment, because every action you take are for the benefit of all sentient beings. Therefore, please continue with even more happiness and joy! This way, you will have a healthy body, happy mind, and peaceful life with prosperity. Wow, Dharma's blessing is so wonderful and so profound!



First, make sure you have a healthy body!

Second, make sure you have a harmonic and peaceful family!

Third, make sure you achieve your goal!

Fourth, make sure you have enough capability and wisdom to deal with all the difficulties in life!

Fifth, make sure you are a useful person in order to prepare for the next reincarnation!

Please remember all the above and practice them in your daily life, then, you will eventually get more merit and blessing!



First, it’s very important to have a healthy and energetic body.

Second, it's very important to have a calm, peaceful and pure mind.

Third, it's extremely important to have virtues and wisdom speech.

Finally, with these three realizations or qualities, your life will become magnificent and meaningful!

Just Do It!!!



May all beings, who were at some time my parents, attain the state of complete Enlightenment! It is our basic right to be a happy person, have a happy family and eventually a happy world. That should be our goal, and our purpose!



The show must go on means that no matter our life is going perfectly smooth, or there are some bumps in the road; make sure to always keep going towards your destination in life. It is very important to have direction in life. We need to know where we want to go with our journey and make sure we are moving in the right direction; not the wrong direction! Take some time to reflect or meditate on what we truly want to accomplish in our life. We all want happiness, but make sure the happiness we seek is the lasting happiness that Buddha Dharma or Spirituality can bring, along with wisdom and compassion! Temporary happiness of money, fame, friends and comfort is okay, but it is definitely subject to the law of impermanence and will ultimately be lost. Real and lasting happiness comes from developing those positive and virtuous qualities within ourselves. That is the happiness we can keep with us even when it is time to leave this life! That is why I say, "The Show Must Go On"!!!



The show must go on means we know the real secret to success lies in caring more about others than we do about ourselves.

The show must go on means we all have a role or part to play in this Divine Comedy called "Life". Might as well act with awareness because we are always doing something and creating karma whether we know it or not!

The show must go on does NOT mean we should be aggressive or pushy when we are trying to accomplish something.

The show must go on does NOT mean we have to be movie stars or singing stars in order to be special. We are precious because we exist. We all have Buddha Nature!



Tashi Delek!

1) Love whatever you have!

2) Work hard!

3) Be a useful person!

4) Never forget to appreciation human life!

5) Enjoy the memories of life!!!



Anything you want to accomplish, will achieve swiftly like miracles!

Anything you need, will come your way naturally!

Anything you dream of will come true effortlessly!



I was thinking of the three things we could all use:

1) Unmovable trust

2) Immeasurable love

3) Unbelievable laughter



Dharma Teaching: "The more we give, The more we get"!



I am in love with the Dharma so much! I am so happy swimming in the ocean of Dharma! I am so joyful flying in the sky of Buddha's love and wisdom!



My Precious Root Guru La, You are the Best of the best!

I can barely believe how amazing this journey has been so far!

I have so much real trust in you!

I am very, very happy I have you in my life!

May blessings and peace on Earth!!!



One Clear Vision:

Everything I see, I perceive as virtue!

One Single Goal:

Whatever I hear I perceive as virtue!All my words are kind, gentle, helpful and wisdom words!

One simple gesture:

All actions spontaneously become virtue! Everything I do, I do for the benefit of others! That is my greatest joy and happiness!



If you understand others and can recognize or know how they really are, that means you are intelligent, aware and have lots of Wisdom!

If you know yourself that means you are enlightened and have attained Buddhahood!

If you know yourself and others that means you are practicing Mahamudra, Maha-Ati, Boddhicitta and Emptiness at all times!

In this way an ordinary man or woman can become an extraordinary man or woman!!!



Although my body is only in Vancouver, My mind is with all my disciples, no matter where they are.

I hope you have a fantastic and marvelous connection with Buddha Dharma, and keep striving towards the goal of ultimate Enlightenment.

If you think the Guru or Buddha is in front of you, then the Guru or Buddha will always be in front of you, wherever you are!!!

Looking for the truth of the mind

We attain the naturally arising self awareness

Without attachment and fixation, the nature of mind can be seen

Ha ha ha....... Yes, I have shown you the methods that lead to Liberation, but you should know that Liberation depends upon yourself!!!



Each memory is the beginning of now if we think of karma.

Memories are the seeds of experience yet to come.

Each memory becomes the seed of enlightenment when we think of Dharma!



People often say to me, "Rinpoche, you are so compassionate; you are so kind; you are the wisest; you are a genius and so on..." Actually this is not really how I see myself.

My real best quality in my own opinion is that I am extremely stable. I am strong and firm like a rock, like a mountain! That is really the kind of person I am and that is what I do appreciate about myself. I think that is how I can best help sentient beings and how I can always remain strong and tough enough to make sure I take care of everyone to the best of my ability, and still make sure I always get my own Buddha Dharma practice taken care of as well.

Wow!!! How lucky I am!!!




I pray for Guru, Guru prays for me. I respect you! I need to be happy! Bless me, bless me, bless me and bless me!!!

Oh yes, the pray and Buddha Dharma provide humanity immense mental peace and emotional comfort. And obviously, I believe they do have a deeper value or deeper meaning!

Actually, if we look at the result side I have found many very sensitive and very warm-hearted people by doing the Buddha Dharma practice!

Let’s enjoy the Practice of Buddha Dharma!



Guru's heart and mind are so big and so vast! That is why we always feel Guru's care and compassion are very near! Loving and respect Guru makes me so happy!!!



"The more effort you make, you will accomplish more as always"!

"May you have good health, happiness and prosperity"!!!



Please enjoy this wisdom of Buddha

In order to achieve something we need these three things:

1) The desire to achieve our goal

2) The motivation to achieve our goal

3) The completion for the achievement of our goal!



Each memory is the beginning of now if we think of karma.

Memories are the seeds of experience yet to come.

Each memory becomes the seed of enlightenment when we think of Dharma!



"One clear vision: Wisdom or Highest Awareness. One single goal: Devotion. One simple gesture: Compassion".



I pray that you have peaceful, harmony, goodness and successful life as always!



How wonderful we can have Dharma in this life!

How incredible we can meet Guru in this life!

How wonderful we have the kind mind in this life!

How incredible we know the good and bad in this life!

Yes I like Dharma!!!



May you always be happy and healthy! May there be peace and joy in every persons heart at all times!!!



May all your wishes come true!

May all your family and loved ones have radiant good health, prosperity, long life and immeasurable joy and limitless blessings!

Take care and wish you all the best of the best!!!



One who never tires of learning is very wise!

One who never tires of teaching is very benevolent!

One who enjoys work is very energetic!

One who never complains about hardships is very capable of anything!



We feel fantastic about our life!

We appreciate ourselves!

We are lovable because we exist!



My Supreme Kind Root Guru says if we find in life that we have no choice then we should be happy, because our decision has already been made for us and we can get to work.

Also, if we find in life that we have a choice we should be happy, because we can enjoy the freedom of picking and choosing. So you see, either way is Ok!

If we have a choice to make, we should ask ourselves not what is best for ourselves alone, but what is best for all sentient beings or humanity as a whole. In this way our choices, like waves in water, spread out and have a loving, positive and helpful influence across the entire Universe. And in time our choices will always come back to us---this is Karma. So anyway, if there is no choice then might as well just enjoy everything in life!!



We would like to remain in this precious human life forever, but we are Certain to die.

We would like to enjoy happiness and good health forever, but we are Certain to lose them.

We would like to stay with loved ones forever, but we are Certain to leave them.

We would like to keep our beautiful home forever, but we are Certain to leave it behind.

We would like to study Dharma with our Guru forever, but we are Certain to be apart.

We would like to be with spiritual friends forever, but we are Certain to separate.

My friends who feel disillusionment with Samsara, I request that you make great effort in your Dharma Practice. It is time to Cross to the happy Land of great Bliss where there is no Separation.



Cannot be Rejected!


Means something one cannot deny or disagree with. It is incredibly powerful and profound.


Cannot be rejected means an incredible strong connection with Buddha Dharma, Career, Business, relationship and family which we simply cannot push away from our life. They exist because we have strong Kharma with them.

Therefore, we have to accept, enjoy and deal with all the consequences. The bottom line is, let us enjoy our precious, profound, deep, magnificent Karma, Cause and Effect, and Connection!



When we say something "cannot be rejected",that means this thing is precious, meaningful and has great importance to us.


One cannot deny its relevance or disagree that it matters very much to our lives and in our hearts. Love does not reject.


Love accepts and embraces all! Love understands. Love forgives. There are things in our lives which we cannot simply push away. We need to realize we have a tremendously strong connection with Buddha Dharma, with our work, career or business; with our families and all our relationships! We depend on each other and rely on each other. They cannot be rejected! Actually we are totally inseparable and interdependent, and therefore we cannot be whole or truly happy if we reject or deny others who are actually precious parts of our world and ourselves!


That is the Rimay View and part of our prayer and commitment to practice wisdom, loving kindness, compassion and equanimity! The people in our lives, our work and of course our spiritual path of Buddha Dharma exist because we have a strong karmic connection with them. If we really want to move forward in our life journey with a big and happy heart and mind we have no choice but to accept, enjoy and deal with all the consequences! The bottom line is, let us enjoy our precious, profound, deep and magnificent karma and all our connections! With an attitude of gratitude and an open and flexible mind, everything is relevant! Everyone is precious! All relationships are meaningful and every activity is an auspicious opportunity to practice virtue and develop Bodhicitta!



"There is never a road too long, if we have a good companion"!



"If we can recognize the real nature of everything is the same, then we will be happy with whatever we have and whatever we can do"!



"The life to life journey is a series of transformation towards Buddhahood, a step to step journey towards lasting happiness"!

E Ma Ho!!!



You can say I should just stay in the cave for retreat and do not concern myself with worldly problems, but as long as people and other sentient beings need my help, I will always try my best to help them! I cannot give up!


As long as I have some ability to really reduce their suffering and provide some relief to the pain, hunger, fear or lack of basic necessities of life, then I will have to sacrifice my greatest personal wish for now. Of course I would absolutely love the chance to stay in retreat forever! My Root Guru gave me the instructions and challenge to go to the West and he always said, “Somebody has to work!”


I don’t know why he chose me and not another Lama for his job, but it’s just my karma! Also, I notice that I do have some quality or good karma that allows me to get alone with other people very nicely!


I do enjoy all the wonderful connections and sharing Buddha’s happiness with my Dharma friends and disciples. Yes! I’ve made a promise or vow to always help sentient beings to the best of my ability. If I abandon my fellow Tibetans, who will help them to continue?! Especially after such a devastating nature disaster like the recent earthquake!


If I do not try to raise awareness about what has happened and try to provide the opportunity for others to help as well, then who will?

IF I did not leave my retreat in Tibet then many of my disciples in the West would still be lost. They might never have had the chance to connect with Buddha dharma and the wealth of virtue.


Even Guru Rinpoche had to travel around! He brought Buddha dharma from India to Tibet where it ripened and flourished in the pure land of snows. He also went to China, Nepal, Mongolia and even perhaps to certain places in the West! If we want to be a Bodhisattva, we have to do as they do! We have to sacrifice! So now I am sacrificing my greatest desire to live as a yogi in the mountains in order to serve. I am happy to do that and I hope it makes others happy as well!!


We need to work together. We need a big heart & mind and we need to think for long term. Then we can really accomplish something with great meaning and benefit!! That is making great use of our precious human life! So…are you with me? Together we can do it! Then, when its time to leave this life we will have no regrets. We will be totally satisfied and full of joy!!




The Phenomenon of kindness does not just drop from the sky.


We have to make the choice. We have to act.


When we walk through life with the attitude of gratitude and abandon our burdens of selfishness and the despair from age-old and ugly habitual patterns, then life becomes wonderful!


When we abandon non-virtue, life becomes a dance of blissful celebration of kindness, of mercy, of happiness and supreme joy! Outside, we will appear calm and we will always behave properly in every situation. Inside, we will always wish that we can help and uplift others. Beyond, we will always be rejoicing to be inseparable from our Root Guru. Then all our prayers will come true.


When we live with these virtuous qualities in our heart and mind and endeavour to share our happiness and kindness with others in a tireless and non-ceasing fashion, then enlightenment is close indeed and we can say our Yidam is our guide.


I want to tell you something. Rimay Gyalten Rinpoche really is a miracle.

He really is Buddha’s blessing. He really is my beloved heart son. He really is a gift from the Buddhas. His mother really is Green Tara inseparable from Vajrayogini and Prajna Paramita.

His father did love Vajrasattva and all the Buddhas, and worked night and day to repay the kindness of Buddha by being kind, useful and extremely helpful to every person in his community with his hands and every member of humanity with his mind.


The Mahakala Shrine must never be abandoned. The blessings of Tsar Tsar must never cease.


Everything of this world is subject to impermanence, but for at least another 600 years let the prayers and good intentions keep going to protect all beings.


I really do see you.

I can hear your thoughts and I am delight in your prayers, the true prayer and true desire to increase your Bodhicitta and awareness.


By HHDYN or our Root Guru


Q: How can we maintain a perfect Guru/ Disciple relationship?


A: Follow all the Guru’s advice and instructions. And act, speak, think, behave and look just like him or her. Always try to be inseparable with him or her in all your thoughts, words, and actions, then you are practicing Guru yoga all the time!



Q: How can we make sure we are never separate from our perfect Guru life after life?


A: Make sure you have lots of respect, unconditional love, care, devotion and make lots of aspiration for you not to be separated. Just like the line in the Dorje Chang Prayer! We also need to accumulate lots of merit and wisdom, always involve Ourselves with virtue and never give any trouble or unnecessary burden to him.

Always support and protect the Guru and make sure that all your motivation is 100% beneficial. Then you will always be together!

Even when you are both enlightened you will Endeavour to save, help and serve sentient beings according to the bodhisattva’s promise or vow. You will serve joyfully together without any doubt or plan.

“Sponsoring Monks & Lamas is the only way to preserve the lineage!



Q: What should we wish for when we pray?


A: Wish to understand Buddha dharma perfectly.

Wish to be useful to others. 

Wish to reach enlightenment in one lifetime.

Wish to remove ignorance & bad Karma.

Wish to purify yourself of known and unknown faults and mistakes.

Then Buddha’s and your Guru’s blessing will always be within you!



“Look into the mirror of your mind, Mahamudra, The mysterious home of the Dakini.”


“Life does not become a success by accumulating goods but by accumulating merit and wisdom!”


 “As long as we try our best to learn, to serve and to have pure and ultimate devotion, then everything becomes virtue, merit & wisdom!”


“As long as you are happy it is easy to get along with others. If we are not happy then that is more difficult. Be patient! Then you are behaving how our Guru wants us to behave, and practice being a Bodhisattva.


If you are good at something then enjoy that. If you are bad at something pay attention!

Some people have good devotion and a stable practice but they are not nice to others. Some people are friendly but not generous. Remember that they do try to do their best. Nobody is perfect!


We all have emotions and go up and down. We need to be more compassionate and more understanding. We need to give ourselves encouragement. We should love each other and respect each other.


Every day is a new beginning and a chance to make a fresh start! Make the wish to purify this old karma and negative bad habits. Then you can do it. Its time to forgive and time to open our hearts and minds to share our loving kindness & bodhicitta with everyone we meet! ”!!!




We are all interdependent and interconnected.

Please, please, please have a big heart and a big mind.

To see only virtue, Hear only mantras and prayer.

Do only positive, helpful & meaningful things.

Have proper conduct.

Discipline our mind.

Help whenever we can.

See everything as an opportunity to serve others more.

Then our wisdom & merit will increase easily & naturally.

We will gain more wisdom and happiness.

We will unite with our Yidam and true happiness will radiate from us, uplifting beings effortlessly. So, Joy will be your Name!!!

Now get to work and be happy! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Enjoy Buddha Dharma!!!



No matter what condition we are in or facing any kind of obstacle, it should not affect our personal development or delay our progress